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We're Hazel and Hermione, the beautiful sisters!

These girls are Hazel and Hermione. They are 2yr old bonded sisters. They have been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, tested for FELV/FIV and microchipped. Here is what their mom has to say about these girls: "Hazel is a sweet tabby girl with golden eyes who loves rubs and likes to sit with you on the couch. Her purr is low key but she will sing to you with a cute sing song purry voice. She doesn't really like to be picked up but does love to snuggle. She, like her sister, is a bit shy at first but will come around after a while and be very loving. Her fur is super soft. Hermione is also a very sweet tabico girl and likes to be held and rubbed. She loves cuddling and on the couch also. Being in bed with you is the ultimate for both girls. Hermione has a very quiet purr but she is very affectionate. She likes to talk a bit and has a bit louder voice than her sister. She also has very nice soft fur and both have such beautiful and unique markings. They both love being together and hunt for lizards in my cataco, which adjoins the house with a screened porch for them so they can enjoy the outdoors and not actually be outside. They don't mind our dog and other dogs that have visited. They like my grand children also but keep a small distance although they are very curious and will let them pet them. They are very well house trained, love their litter box. They both love to talk with you, so very cute and endearing. And they love catnip!! We love our girls and do not want to give them away, but my husband has developed serious allergies towards them. He has had to go on two different inhalers due to the allergy to cats and his asthma has gotten worse. So we have no choice. This saddens my heart greatly but my husband's health is at stake. I would keep them if I could. I hope that they will bring you the joy and love they have brought us." Hazel and Hermione will be happiest in a quiet adult home.

Please email us if you are interested in giving a home to these beautiful girls. We will even bring them to you so you can meet in their potential new home. There is a $55 adoption fee/each. This fee covers all the up to date vet care, spay surgery, microchip and vaccines. This also helps us continue rescuing more animals. Thank you.


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