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Welcome. You are now on our Frequently Asked Questions page. As new questions arise from time to time, we will keep updating this page so keep checking if you have new questions. If you still need help, contact us via our contact form or email us directly at Thank you :) 


Q: If I donate to your organization, is my donation tax deductible?

A: Yes! Absolutely. As of September 8th, 2014, we have officially been awarded our 501c (3) status by the IRS. This means that your donations are tax deductible so keep track of them during the year so you can claim them when you get ready to file your tax return. We will be happy to provide you with a receipt for any donations you wish to make to us.


Q: How do I contact the right foster parent?

A: Each ad has an email link and a link to our website. This is the best way to reach us 24hrs/day and 7 days/week. We usually get back to you within a few hours at the most.


Q: What do I need to do once I find a cat/kitten I would like to meet?

A: You fill out the adoption application. Once it has been reviewed, we will schedule a time and date to bring the cat/kitten of your choice to your home for a visit.


Q: What is your adoption process?

A: First, after you choose a cat/kitten to meet, you fill out our adoption application. We review it and contact you if we have any questions. Once it has been reviewed, we schedule a time to bring your new kitty to you for a home visit. This works especially well when children or other pets are present in the home as this allows us to see how everyone interacts in the home. If you have any doubts or decide this is not the right cat/kitten for your family, we just take him/her back to their foster home and you have the option to try another cat or stop the process. When you adopt from us, you are never stuck with a cat/kitten that you can't have or don't want anymore. This process is designed to ensure the safety and hapiness of each one of rescued kitties. We want to make sure that you adopt the right cat/kitten and that the cat/kitten ends up in the right family. :)


Q: How much is the adoption fee and what does it cover?

A: Our adoption fee is $75 for kittens under 1yr old. Cats over 1yr old are $55 and cats over 3yrs old are $35 (some exceptions apply). The fee covers their deworming, fecal check (if necessary), flea preventative, rabies vaccine (if old enough), ear mites treatment (if necessary), vet visit(s) and the cost of the spay/neuter surgery and microchip. Kittens also receive up to 2 distemper shots as part of their adoption package. This means you are adopting a cat/kitten who has already had all the medical care done for you. Less for you to worry about at a great discount and the chance for a healthy cat/kitten to start a life with their family the right way. Everybody wins. :)


Q: What happens if the new cat/kitten doesn't get along with my other pets or I find out someone in my house is allergic? What if I have to move and I can't bring them with me? Can I return the cat/kitten to you?

A: Yes. You can return the cat/kitten to us. We have a lifetime return policy on all our adopted kitties. It is actually stated in our adoption contract that you must return them in case you do not want or cannot care for them any longer. We want you to return them to us and the last thing we want is for them to end up on the streets or in a kill shelter.


Q. Do you have other cats and kittens not listed on your website?

A. Yes. The cats and kittens listed here are only the ones who are available right now and have received all of their medical care. We always have plenty of other cats or kittens in foster homes getting ready for adoption. They may have just arrived and have not been spayed/neutered yet or they may be too young to go to their forever homes. Or simply have a kitty cold they have to get over before we can give them their moment in front of the camera for their photo shoot. So, if you are looking for a particular look or personality, feel free to contact us as we receive new cats and kittens all the time and we may just have exactly what you are looking for as long as you are willing to wait a little while for your perfect furball.


Check out all our available little furballs and have a look at our awsome calendar. All the profits from the store go right back to the medical care of our foster kitties so hang out with us for a while and have a look. We know you'll find something (or someone) you like! :)